Sunday, June 12, 2016

20.// Why Re-sale Apps Are Actually Alright.

No need to hold the phone, I'm not about to go and unveil anything particularly groundbreaking... but over the last couple of months I've landed on some absolute gold whilst perusing re-sale apps. I'm often found on my phone browsing my saved searches to see if anything pops up that would be worth a bidding battle. It's obviously way easier to get exactly what you want from source and you're not guaranteed to find perfect results as soon as you want them, but with patience the likes of EBay Depop and Grailed can really come up trumps. I put this post together to illustrate how that patience can pay off... 

...To start with, I got this Stussy MFG. coach from a seller on Depop, accompanied by a t-shirt and another jacket, about 6 months ago for an absolute steal... made sweeter by the fact that all it's swing tags were still on it when it landed on my doorstep... It's made from a real light weight Nylon, so I've forced myself to keep it on ice until now. It couldn't be more ideal for the temperamental British summer, thin and water proof, so I'm ready for whatever weather this season decides to bring. I'm also majorly keen on the khaki! 
My second notable result is these Polished leather Common Projects tournament lows that came BNIB along with tags and receipt. I managed to stumble across these and take them home for over one hundred British pounds under retail, which in my eyes was quite perfect. They're now being worn in rather nicely and once again they are a testament to the quality that CP run with.
This all goes to prove that another persons drunk purchase could be your chance to land some gold!

Have you guys picked up any gems on re-sale apps recently? Thanks for reading, James.
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Monday, June 06, 2016

19.// Not Dressing Like A Teenager.

I do like a good suit and when an event crops up where it's required I actually get quite excited about the thought of not dressing like a teenager... seriously though, my day job never really calls for me to be ultra smart and my regular wears aren't topped with pocket squares or bow ties either... However, when the occasion calls for it my go to Navy Suit never fails.

Getyourbronon menswear and lifestyle blogger looks at styling a paul smith suit
Menswear blogger looks at common projects trainers from mr porter and styles them with a suit
Mens style blogger James Bron Brown looks at styling a suit for spring summer LCM

For me May June and July are stacked with family Birthdays, that means a handful of filet mignon dinners and a bunch of sophisticated venues that require dress codes. As well, weddings seem to be the norm at my age and to top things of LCM events are actually on my calendar next week... Yeah that's right, some good people have considered me worthy of their shows and parties. That means stuntin' in something slightly smarter than normal... Now I'm not particularly dapper, nor do I profess to knowing heaps about suiting, so this post offers a slightly alternative way to style tailoring.

Fashion blogger from margate James Bron Brown in commes des garcon and common projects
Mens sneakers and footwear
mens fashion blog about styling tailoring

I can't deny that I wanted to flex my new grey common projects on the blog too and when I had the idea to throw a suit oriented feature together, it was a combination that seemed to go together pretty comfortably. The grey sneakers offer themselves pretty effortlessly to navy and the whole suit isn't extremely formal either, allowing it to be appropriate for a whole range of different events... trade the t-shirt in for a shirt and the trainers for some brogues or loafers and you could be sitting up there with the dandy bloggers of the world... My suit isn't available online anymore, but this Paul Smith number here is really similar. The "suit to travel in" concept that PS run with is practically perfect for guys like myself. Slim cut, crease resistant, water repellant and constructed from sensible fabrics, it's an excellent investment to make. For me knowing I've got a decent response to any dress code already in my wardrobe removes any pre-event anxiety. So invest wisely or visit a good tailor to make sure you've got a strong formal look in your arsenal. 

How are you guys putting your suits together at the moment? Thanks for reading, James. 
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